Tools of Endearment, Stiletto Heel Golden Square public display

October 19, 2016



8 OCTOBER 2016 – 8 MARCH 2017

Gazelli Art House and Westminster City Council are delighted to announce the placement of Kalliopi Lemos’ ‘Stiletto Heel’ at

Golden Square. This sculpture, the latest addition to Westminster’s City of Sculpture programme, is meant to stimulate

conversation and can be appreciated by all ages and demographics.

Visually stunning in hand crafted metals, this playful sculpture depicting a giant high-heeled shoe from her Tools of

Endearment series, both beautifies and adorns the public spaces while paying tribute to women around the world.

Lemos shares, “They express the need for women to fortify themselves in order to manage the outer world which demands

that they be very beautiful, very intelligent, excellent professional people and good mothers.”

One of the key commitments in Westminster’s City for All Strategy (a three year vision to make Westminster a City of

heritage, aspiration and choice) is to continue providing residents and visitors with the opportunity to access inspiring

public art in the streets and spaces around them. This is made possible with the City of Sculpture initiative.

Cllr Robert Davis MBE DL, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Built Environment, said: “I am delighted that

through the council’s City of Sculpture programme, Westminster is once again leading the way in thought-provoking art

work thanks to the renowned international artist Kalliopi Lemos.

“Her sculpture ‘The Stiletto’ has found a very fitting home in Golden Square, Soho, an area of Westminster that is well

used to our residents and visitors pulling on their glad rags and enjoying the very best entertainment that the city has to

offer. More importantly though, as all great art does, it will no doubt spark a debate on the important issue of gender

equality and the many expectations society places on women.”

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