St Pancras Church Crypt, London – Navigating in the Dark, Part Three


Navigating in the Dark – part three

1 October – 31 November 2011

St Pancras Church Crypt, London

Navigating in the Dark is an exhibition in three chapters by London-based artist Kalliopi Lemos which was presented in Athens, Crete and London in 2011. The exhibition builds on the themes of journeys and the passage through life that recur in Lemos’ work. Drawing on sources both autobiographical and global, the artist plays the role of both listener and storyteller.

In the vaulted, underground burial space of St. Pancras Church, amid an evocative sound installation, a sequence of three actual boats—found objects, stripped down to expose the raw wood—are filled with snakes and human figures made of steel and with steel sculptures of crows, near a hive like space where white paper sculptures of bees hover in the air like migrating souls.